True Denver Living

It’s been a rocky road, and a long time coming, but I finally found a place in Denver!!!

With only 5 weeks left on my contract, it does not seem like that much of  a victory, but in hindsight it really is. The place that I was residing before was an extended stay [translation: vacation home for ants] in a city called Lakewood, just 6 miles outside of Denver. I had not had any success with any of the other housing locator avenues like Craigslist, Furnished Finder, or Travel Nurse Haven until one day, a little birdie told me to look at Airbnb.  I had not had success with Airbnb in the past as well, but I figured, I couldn’t get any worse so I gave it another shot. One day I filled in the remaining availability dates along with my desired price limit and hit ENTER. What returned  at the top of the lists of housing was the place that I had been looking for all along:

My temporary pad for the next 5 weeks. I blacked out the owner’s name and picture for privacy, but you get the general feel of the place.

This place has everything I want including two fully furnished bedrooms, state- of-the-art-fitness center, AND my own washer and dryer!!!

It really is

Besides the amenities, the best part of this house is it is within walking distance (although I still drive) to work in the heart of downtown Denver. I look forward to the last few weeks where I am spending my weekends exploring the art museum, parks, and local wine and coffee shops. Until next time!


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