The Ten Commandments Of Surgery

Working in the OR for almost a decade now, I would like to think of myself fairly savvy on how interactions with different roles should be.  However, as a travel nurse,  I do realize that not all unspoken laws are fundamental to each organization. To make things simple, I have composed a suggestion set of rules for all involved in surgery to abide by. Enjoy!


I. Thou shall not hurry up and wait.

II. Thou shall not interrupt the count.

III. Honor thy circulator and surgical technologist, so that thy case may be smooth and turnovers swift.

IV. Remember The Timeout, keep it wholly.

V. For residents/students: Thou shall pull thy OWN gloves.


VI. Thou shall not bear false witness of ’emergency’  to bump other cases.

VII.Thou shall not covet thy neighbors’s headlight, thy neighbor ‘s stools, nor thy neighbor’s lead or anything of thy neighbors.

VIII. Thou shall not commit gross contamination.

IX. Thou will work with what we got and thou will like it.

X. Thou shall not blame anyone but anesthesia for anything.

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