Texas Two Step

It’s been a minute, but I was busy driving up and down like a truck driver for a grocery chain. The past two weeks I have been touring the great state of Texas while I waited for my next contract. Here are some sights:

First stop after my contract ended in Denver was the most western city of  Texas, El Paso:

After a quick day of relaxing from my 9 hour drive, I took a quick flight to my hometown, Houston:

 Went to see The Lion King on Broadway–it was spectacular!

Next up was Dallas. I also met with family and friends AND attended the Kendrick Lamar concert:

The hologram before he came out

Suite Seats! 🙂


From there I took a detour to the capital city and place of my Alma Mater, Austin:

I did get to try some succulent Round Rock Donuts
I paid a visit to the old stomping grounds, Hook em’!
Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the World Famous ‘Franklin’s Barbecue’ the line as you can see was endless, but the BBQ was not 🙁

It was from there that I raced back to Houston to hop a flight back to El Paso and retrieved my car.

Picking up my baby Honda (right), from Long Term Parking in El Paso Airport.

It was great getting to see all my family friends but now it is time to head back on the road.  Ironically, El Paso was a perfect starting point for my future assignment out west. Can you guess where my next assignment is going to be?? Drop a guess below. Until then, happy travels!

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