Next Contract: Take 3

After my Texas tour and couple stops along the way, I decided on my next contract location. They say third time is a charm, let’s hope the old adage rings true because my next contract assignment is in…..


Got to add a little suspense.




Los Angeles!

Yes, you heard right. This time I’m in a different facility than the previous two assignments. Thankfully, the same housing situation I had was still available and after suffering a nightmare of the housing situation in Denver, Β it was a no brainer for me to make my way down here.

The last two times in Los Angeles were not the best of assignments, but always the optimist, I hope that this assignment will be better. Plus, California is beautiful in the summertime. Colorado has picturesque mountains, but California has mountains+ Beaches!

SO… get ready to see some familiar sights, but I’ll try to mix it up this time around. I already plan on going to San Diego for the B-day next month if there is something else you all will like to see me do in California, I am welcome to some suggestions. Until then, happy travels!!


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