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I couldn’t truly be a travel nurse if I didn’t have my outreach ALL over the map. Two organizations that are dear to my heart  that I participate in every year are Run For a Cure Africa®. and Faith In Practice®.

Run For a Cure Africa is an Non Governmental Organization which primary objective is to raise awareness about breast cancer in countries in Africa . This organization has raised money for mammograms, to medication for breast cancer for women who have cancer , “Pink Fighters”. Every year RFCA host a 5 k run in the city and has grown for the past 8 years.


The other organization I have participated in was Faith in Practice®. This organization every year has perioperative teams that travel to Guatemala every week from January-April and perform life saving surgeries on the indigenous Guatemalans. Life saving surgeries like fixing a cleft lip on a 6 month old who has poor feeding or removing a 8 pound fibroid from a woman who can barely walk. I am very blessed to be apart of this great organization as well.




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If you would like to find out how to be apart or support these organizations, check out these websites:


Run For A Cure Africa:

Faith In Practice:


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