Mile High So Far…

Well, l’m pretty much adjusted to my Denver accommodations with less than two weeks left on my contract. I figured I would share a few of my experiences of this city and some outside places as well. Check out these sites below:

Here are some photos of yours truly at the The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

Lost? Mountains are always west in Colorado.





There isn’t a shortage of running trails in Denver, here are some sights from my personal favorite, Platte River Trail.

















And finally, some food:

Denver Biscuit Co. has the most succulent biscuits I’ve ever tasted. This one is called “The Franklin”. My guess is they called it that because it’s probably has 100 calories a bite!
The coffee shop scene is also stellar. Above is my favorite spots, Molecule Effect, which has   beautiful art as well as delicious unique drinks (see below). I often come here to relax.
“The Great Divide”
Snooze Eatery, another local favorite is known for the  pancake flights if you can’t decide which kind to eat.

As  you can see, I have settled into my surroundings quite easily. I still have so much that I want to do before I leave in the next coming weeks. Let’s see what else this great state has to offer. Until next time!


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